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Call or Text Brian to talk more details! (602) 405-8586

  - Freelance Athletic Atheist with Truck, Van or SUV - Preferably Female
  - Note: Clients often pay more money when smart attractive famales are involved

  - Make $CASH$ money paid daily working in the beautiful adventurous tree biz!
  - You can think of this as an adventurous outdoorsy style paid work out plan : )

  - Don't worry about it. Vaxxed or Unvaxxed. Both are Welcome.
  - You'll be working outside where Sun and Wind Kills Viruses.

  - Hauling Brian and tree gear, gas powered chainsaws & stump grinder in truck or van to and from residential job sites. Working on site doing whatever it takes to accomplish the job which is primarily stump grinding, secondly tree removal and thirdly tree trimming. Sometimes hauling large amounts of debris away to the dump will be wanted but not necessarily required 4 me 2 hire you. No climbing experience is needed. You'll be a ground worker working out in the (some what) fresh Arizona air. Not stuffed into a cubicle like in Office Space. Nearly perfect weather here 9 months in a row from October to June.

Hiring Requirements:
  - Phone, Name, Address, Availability, Background Check & Drivers License Photo and must be Easily Trainable! :)

Location: 40th St & Greenway. Hopefully you live near this area.
Company: Tree Rigs LLC
Phone: (602) 405-8586
Owner: Brian Mulloney
Trusty: It's my 13th year in tree biz.
I have 4.9 stars on my Google Business Listing:

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